East Texas-Model Trains©

August 2016

We remember Dr. Harvey Carter, a rail fan, modeler, and restorer of antique fire trucks.  Dr. Carter was a co-founder of Signal 51, founder of the Shreveport Fire Fighters Museum,  member of the International Fire Buffs Associates, Society for the Preservation & Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America, Deputy Fire Marshall for the State of Louisiana and Honorary Chief of the Shreveport Fire Department.  He served our country as a member of the US Navy.  He loved sharing his passion for model trains and was a member of the Lionel Collectors Club of America and Train Collectors of America.  Those that knew Harvey were blessed by his kindness.

November 2014

We remember Mr. Harry McKillop, a rail fan, humanitarian, business man, and our friend here at East Texas-Model Trains.  Harry's interest in model and toy trains reached around the globe.  Harry always featured his trains when he had gatherings at his home for all to see and enjoy.  He wanted the trains running and Harry enjoyed having his guest view the trains.  Harry will be missed by all who knew him and those that loved him.  We are blessed to have know him.

August 2014

We remember Mr. John 'Jay' Philpott, a Norfolk & Western Railroad Fan, who passed away July 28, 2014 at the age of 78.  Jay was a retiree of American Airlines and lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

His father was an engineer on the Norfolk & Western and Jay's love for that line carried into his hobby of 3 rail, O gauge trains.  He was fun to be around an always had funny stories to tell.  He will be missed by his friends and those who knew him from the hobby.

October 2011

We remember Joe Summers.  An master HO modeler and strong supporter of the model train hobby.  Joe modeled the Texas & Pacific Railroad through East Texas.  His buildings were scratch built and most if not all the locomotives and rolling stock were hand painted.  Joe also had a large collections of photographs and paper documentation about railroads in East Texas.  Joe's museum quality layout was meticulous in every way and those who viewed the pike, were lucky and in awe.  Joe's contribution and support to the hobby is missed.

December 2016

We remember Ed Haubenstricker, a dedicated model railroader.  Ed had a dream to build a layout where others in the hobby could bring their trains and run with him.  With the creation of his Run Your Trains Railroad, Ed brought the hobby of model railroading to the North Dallas area.  Kids an Adults came to his home in McKinney to see his RYT RR layout and bring their own trains to run on his awesome 40 x 60 foot layout.  Ed was proud of his layout and had a DVD produced to tell his story.  Ed's layout was featured in several model railroad magazines.  Ed was a member of the Lionel Modular Group of Plano.  Ed was a very interesting gentleman, loved his trains and a good friend.  Those who knew Ed have been blessed to have had him in their lives.

March 2013

We remember Herb Kern.  Herb served his country, community and family.  Herb retired as a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard March 1982 and settled in the Mobile, AL area.  As a local business man, Herb served his church, involved in the Boy Scout program, promoted local blood drives and a member of the South-West Alabama Model Railroad Club for over 20 years.  Herb was an avid model train enthusiast always promoting the hobby at train shows, holiday train displays plus serving as a member to the Lionel Operating Train Society (LOTS) for 16 years.  As a member of LOTS, Herb served as a Director-at-Large from 1997-2001 and 2010 - 2013 and served as Vice-President 2001 - 2009. Herb was a member of the Mobile Chapter of Military Officers Association serving as Director and Secretary/Treasurer.  Our hobby has lost a good man, promoter within his community and friend.

August 2018

We remember Charles Medlin, a dedicated member of his commuity and model railroading.  Charles' involement extended to his commuity and the communities of East Texas.  Charles lived his entire life in East Texas.  Charles was a businessman, city councilman for forty years, dedicated to his faith and church and a long time member and trainer of the Loft of the Pines Pigeon Club.  Model Railroading was a long time hobby of Charles' and was always seen at local train shows.  Charles was good natured and glad to see plus visit with you.  Those that knew Charles have been blessed to have had him in their lives.