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Lionel Supplements

This message board provides a link to an index of the Lionel Supplements 1 - 47  as well as a PDF files of the Supplements.   They are available online and may be downloaded or printed.  These exploded diagrams and parts list are a value for those modelers who like to repair their own locomotives and rolling stock.

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Service Center

East Texas MTH Service Center has closed effective 1-1-2016.  Click the link above for additional information.

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On this board we honor those railroaders who have gone before us.  Should you have a remembrance, we would be honored to include them on our In Memoriam gallery.

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R2LC/LCRU2 Reprogramming

This PDF Document refers to the R2LC & LCRU2 circuit boards to restore sound, lights, motion & smoke operation.

Another Document..

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3rd Document

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If you have the Mike's Trains House Digital Command System (DCS) Track Interface Unit (TUI) you should review this document.

This document is dated December 2010 and conveys information about the TIU Rev L unit.

The Download Link embedded in this document may not be the most current executable file.  You should refer to the MTH web site for the most current version or call MTH Electric Trains for more information at 410.381.2580.

This document is for informational purposes only and should be used as a reference document only.

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DCS Remote & TMCC Remote Functions & settings

This document list the DCS Remote functions and sequences to operate a TMCC locomotive.

Also, this document list the Cab-1 Remote commands for Lionel Locomotives.

Also, this document list the DCS 'tuning your locomotive's chuff intensity & performance' instructions.

Also, this document list the Cab-1 'tuning your locomotive's chuff intensity & performance' instructions.

Also, this document list the 'Railsounds 5.0 Features under TMCC'.

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Your Quick Link to the Regional East Texas Train Show Calendar.

This page is updated monthly and if you have an event you would like to have listed on this page, please CONTACT US!.  We would like to add your event to our calendar.

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5.1.2 TMCC Engine Features

R2LC command module can be programmed to operate locomotive features.  This PDF lists the 5 general purpose outputs.

• Headlamps

• Strobe Light

• Cab light

• Smoke

• Couplers

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Stall Speeds - Key to lashup locomotives.

This document addresses stall speed setting for one or multiple locomotives.

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Tuning TMCC Command Bases

This document list instructions for adjusting or tuning your command base.

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Plasticville is a small piece of "Americana" that has become a traditional favorite of collectors world wide. Bachmann Bros. began production of Plasticville structures & accessories in 1947 with a humble fence designed to be used underneath a Christmas tree. In the following years they would produce many other Plasticville items that were designed to be used with the most popular electric trains of the period: Lionel (O Gauge) & American Flyer (S Gauge).  Cataloged items.

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Whistle Signals and What They Mean

Need a list of commonly used whistles used on the railroad?  This document has all the information.

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Normally, we don't offer personal web site for our viewers, but this web site came to us and we found some of the information offered on the site to be interesting.  We have not validated that information, so reader consider the source.  There is information about MTH DCS, PS2 Upgrades, Transformer phasing, Layout Wiring, Circuit Protection that our reader might find to be of some value.  Remember, we are not endorsing this information but offer for your consideration.

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This PDF document provides a list of the DCS hand remote softkey functions and descriptions.

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This PDF document provides some insight into REPLACING TIU's on your layout.

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5th Edition of the DCS Users Manual

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Wiring your layout for DCS operation.

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Need a wheel puller?  This CTT article on how to make your own.

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MTH DCS WiFi User's Guide  -  The new MTH WiFi remote control system is out and if you need a copy of the User's Guide, download it here.

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Historical Lionel Service Remuneration Chart for 1957-1958.  On Lionel letterhead out of Irvington, NJ, this chart list catalog numbers, adjustments required, maximum time allowed and maximum charges for Lionel Service Centers.

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PS-2 Flywheel Tac Tape (27mm)

for 3rd party locomotives

PS-2 Flywheel Tac Tape (30mm)

for 3rd party locomotives

MTH Part Number 'BE-0000151 Flywheel Tac Tape' has multiple Flywheel Tac Tapes on one sheet.

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Recommended Guidelines for

Retrofitting DCS to Modular Layouts

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Atlas "O" Parts

The Back Shop sent us a link for Atlas O Parts and we thought this might come in handy for some viewers.  There's exploded diagrams and part numbers on the drawings.

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This web site was brought to our attention for Marx Train Collectors.  They have a long list of Marx Parts and you can order online.  This reference is not a promotion of the site, but as an aid for Marx Collectors.                                                 post 2-3-2016

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Fastrack Modular Railroad Specs

This PDF document outlines the construction of Fastrack modulars, wiring, part numbers and vendors.

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UP Outside Fort Worth, TX

Photo by: Ted Sowirka

Information about the Lionel TMCC Command Base DB-9 plug.  This document defines the pin number and what each pin is for.  There is a ground pin that needs to be used when the Lionel wall transformer fails.  This document outlines a temporary work around solution when in a pinch.  The part number for a replacement wall transformer for the Command Base is 610-2911-010.  The output seems to be 12VAC 100ma, however the ground pin is critical for proper operation.

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MTH has released their V6.00 and the new DCS Loader Program V5.00.  This document outlines their recommendation for upgrade your DCS software suite and links are included.  Be sure to review this document before executing these updates.  East Texas-Model Trains.org provides this information only.  We have not tested or verified this information.  Viewers should do their own research before upgrading their DCS Software.

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Post from the O Gauge Forum by Barry Broskowitz.

The new Premium version of the DCS Application includes control of both TMCC and Legacy engines. However, some of the hardware requirements have changed from what was required to operate only TMCC engines using the DCS Remote.

Further, there are a few caveats regarding TMCC and Legacy engine operation using MTH's Premium version of the DCS Application that may not be readily apparent. This free, 12-page pdf document includes:

     •     Specific hardware and cables required to operate TMCC engines, Legacy engines, or both using MTH's DCS Application, depending upon which command bases are being used and how the operator desires to operate these engines.

     •     Wiring diagrams for each of the possible connection configurations.

     •     Other caveats and considerations regarding operation of TMCC and Legacy engines using the DCS Application.

You don't have to purchase anything to download this free pdf document. While it includes some information not readily available anywhere else, its use requires no additional support.

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