Bobby's Train Room


and welcome to Bobby's train room!

It was the mid 1990's and Bobby wanted to build a new train layout for himself and his new son.  With an open carport on the back of the house, Bobby begain inclosing the carport to make a room, their new train room.  So the work began and after a couple of months of planning and construction, the room was finished.

The finished room was 20 x 20 feet and Bobby's plan was to have the biggest 3 rail layout the room could hold.  Construction on the layout begain and after 18 months of work, the layout was finished and ready to run trains.  With two loops on the main level and one elevated loop, Bobby was ready to start adding building, roads and operating accessories.

With his son by his side, Zach and Bobby put long hours wiring and and adding the details to the layout that would give it a true 1950's style layout look.

As Bobby and Zack continue to add to their roaster of locomotives and rolling stock, some of which comes and goes, they keep the layout looking good and interesting.

Now it's Christmas time 2014, Bobby and Zach still enjoy running their trains, having other train guys in for small train runs and attending train shows together.  This is the story of a Father and Son spending quality time together and building that relationship that seems to be missing today.