Ed had a long time dream of creating a train layout big enough for running long trains.  We are talking long long trains.  100 car trains.  After many years of dreaming, 2001 started bringing those dreams into reality.

In the fall of 2001, the dreams moved into planning stage and from the planning stage construction began outside of McKinney, TX for a building that would come to be known as 'Run Your Trains Railroad'.

Construction of this new 40 x 60 ft building would hold Ed's dream of a new railroad layout and one that he could share with the general public and other railroad enthusiast.

Inside this new building, Ed and his wife Barb would build a 40 x 50 ft O gauge, 3 rail train layout with all the seasons of the year on display.  Ed would incorporate building purchased over the years, die cast automobiles and trucks, hundred of tree, shrubs and landscaping kits, his collection of die cast airplanes, operating carnival rides and attractions, bridges and boats.

The Run Your Trains Railroad Story

By the end of 2001 the building was completed and work began on the train layout.  By Memorial Day 2002, just 5 months after starting the layout, the layout was completed and operational.  It was that weekend that Ed & Barb opened Run Your Trains Railroad to the general public.

Later they would host birthday parties, train runs with other 3 railers, and the best part of all, if you had 3 rail trains, you could bring your trains and run them anytime of the day on Ed's railroad empire.

Sadly, the RYT RR closed June 1, 2005 and the dream was dismantled and sold off.  Barb & Ed retired to a quit life and eventually moved out of the state.  Now the RYT is a memory of those who carried their trains to run on the RYT.  The RYT RR was something to see and experience.  This museum size train display offered something most 3 railers still dream about today, running long trains.

From the photo archives of one guys who ran his long trains on the RYT, comes this video photo album of this amazing O gauge, 3-rail dream railroad layout.